Are you in the process of remodeling your home?

One of the first steps in a home remodel is determining which style to select from. That can vary from a Texas farmhouse, Tudor, a craftsman, contemporary, a mid-century modern or Mediterranean.

You want the house to be cohesive in style, from the exterior to the interior and from one room of the house to another regardless of whether you live in a sprawling ranch or a stately Victorian.

To help homeowners on the renovation process, Expo Home Improvement has provided tips on how to plan your bathroom design and remodel.

Start by asking yourself a few questions to guide your new bathroom design, suggest Expo Home Improvement

Question No. 1. Does the bathroom need a refresh, a minor remodel, or a major remodel?

Now is the time to determine if your bathroom needs a new vanity update, coat of paint or new light fixtures. If you’ve said yes to the following items mentioned, it might just need a refresh.


Minor remodels could include a new sink, faucets, cabinets, flooring, shower or bathtub. A major remodel could include redoing the room’s electrical or plumbing, plus creating a new layout of the cabinets or fixtures.

Question No. 2. Do I know what permits, licenses, or inspections are needed?

Your remodel will likely require a permit if it involves plumbing or electrical work. For easy updates or a refreshed look, a permit is not needed.

Question No. 3. Do I have the know-how to do the work myself, or do I need help?

“A bathroom renovation requires a hefty degree of patience, a significant time investment, and a number of tools. It makes sense to evaluate whether the work will fall under your own capability or whether you should enlist help from experts,” Expo Home Improvement stated.

Do you know your home’s overall style and design? Expo Home Improvement mentions a few examples of bathroom design choices that many homeowners make for their architectural style of homes.


Mid-century modern: Homeowners can pull this style through the bathroom design by opting for simple and clean lines, retro vanities, dark wood and brass accents, jewel tones and geometric patterned floor tiles.

Victorian: Many homeowners struggle to design their bathroom remodels to match their Victorian homes’ inherent charm. But cohesion with the rest of the home might come through choosing wood floors or white mosaic tile, plain or white bath fixtures, clawfoot bathtubs, nickel or brass fittings.

Mediterranean: The Mediterranean architecture style feels comfortable and sun-drenched. A bathroom remodel to match this style of home might feature tile and backsplashes in terracotta or mosaic patterns and walls with applied textures such as stucco and patterns and colors inspired by the life along the sea.

Ready for a remodel with professional help?

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By Ellie