If you love a good old fashioned fire to cozy up your space, then you’ll need some log store ideas to keep your fuel in order. Luckily, there are plenty of designs available that aren’t just practical but look fantastic too.

Perhaps our fire pit ideas have got you inspired for one of your own. Or, maybe you already had one, or a fireplace or chiminea. Either way, keeping your logs in top condition will ensure you get a good burn that doesn’t plume with smoke. That means they need to be protected from the elements and neatly stacked, rather than piled up in a heap on the ground. Of course, the former looks much better too and won’t take up as much space. Plus, it’s way more convenient when you need to grab a couple more logs or a piece or two of kindling.

From multi-purpose designs and clever built-in looks to small space solutions, there are all kinds of sizes and styles of log stores to choose from. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas to help get you inspired for your own garden.

Fall porch ideas

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9 stylish log store ideas for your backyard

Ready to give your firewood a stylish new home? There’s bound to be a look you love from this mix.

Logs piled up

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1. Make organization easy

Wood-fuelled outdoor heating ideas generally need kindling as well as logs to get a good glow going. So, when it comes to choosing your log store, picking a design that has separate sections for the two is a wise move. This will make it a breeze to grab whatever you need quickly next time you go to light a fire, plus it will look super smart too.

outdoor fireplace with group of chairs

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2. Set an architectural tone

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