Drought-tolerant landscaping is top of the agenda right now, with the availability of low-water landscaping rebates, lawn-to-garden conversion incentives, and irrigation grants meaning there’s never been a better time to redesign your landscape using a more sustainable approach.

A landscape that has been designed with drought tolerance in mind will include a mix of hardscape elements like gravel, river stones, and permeable paving, together with plants, shrubs and trees that are native to your area and don’t need frequent watering. Additionally, it will feature ‘smart’ irrigation such as water-saving devices, rainwater harvesting and gray water systems.

Maybe you’re concerned about drought in your area or perhaps it’s a case of opting for drought tolerant planting ideas as you no longer want to spend time watering your yard every day. Either way, find out what the experts have to say about drought-tolerant landscaping and what you can learn about making your own backyard more climate friendly.

drought resistant plants in gravel garden

Ornamental grasses and gravel interspersed with long flowering perennials is an easy formula to remember for a drought-tolerant landscaping

(Image credit: Annette Lepple/Alamy Stock Photo)

Cut down on water usage with these drought-tolerant landscaping ideas

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