Acne Surgeries to Treat Acne

Acne surgery are usually done to lessen acne and also to clear the acne scar. Some of the acne surgeries are laser, chemical, excisional surgery, and cryosurgery.

Laser Surgery: This is very effective process and this is the only surgery which results in permanent cure of acne. It not only smooth the acne scars but also reduce skin inflammation in the affected area. In this procedure the adjustment of wavelength is depends on the level of acne infection and skin damage, visit dr omarjee for more details.

Chemical Surgery: This surgery is otherwise called as chemical peel in which many chemical solutions are depending on the skin damage. This process is very useful to replace the outer layer of infected skin with new healthy skin. It is one of the effective methods but takes several weeks to cure completely.

Cryosurgery Surgery: This acne surgery is generally done to clear the damaged skin. In this procedure liquid nitrogen is applied on the affected skin to induce local destruction. This surgery carries off the acne lesions but it may promote new, healthy developments of lesions in future.

Excisional Surgery: This process is very sensitive one which needs proper training. This procedure is mostly used to pull out and drain severe form of acne cyst. This technique must be done only by a senior dermatologist to avoid major complication after the surgery.

Laser surgery for removing Acne Scars

Laser surgeries become very famous in acne treatments. Using laser, the dermatologist can do the surgery very smoothly with no loss of blood. One of the popular types of laser skin surgery is done using non-ablative laser but it is not useful to treat on acne scars. In acne scar removal surgery, the dermatologist uses a wand-like laser hand-piece which removes the scarred acne skin cells completely.