The sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the home, so where you position the crucial item is fundamental to the function of your living room. As well as the style of the sofa itself – silhouette, size, finish, fabric – you need to work out the best way to arrange them so that your room lives up to its full potential. Mastering the art of good furniture placement will ensure that your home is a happier place for you and your family, no matter the size or layout. 

The arrangement of these large pieces of furniture in a sitting room takes consideration, in order for you to get the best layout for your living room sofa, and your enjoyment of it. With the myriad styles of sofas available from sectional to Chesterfield, and everything in-between, we have spoken to the experts to find out the best layout for a sitting room and how to avoid arranging mistakes along the way.

By Ellie